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Learn about the project
Learn about the project
Let’s talk about 26th and 28th Streets

This is an opportunity to improve our experiences bicycling and walking on 26th and 28th Streets. During a series of three public open houses, Minneapolis is inviting the community to share what’s important about the design of these streets, review proposed design concepts showing potential bicycling and walking improvements, and prioritize these design concepts.

Where is the project?
The initial repaving on 26th and 28th Streets will happen between Hiawatha Ave. and Interstate 35-W, but the planning efforts at the open houses will extend west to Hennepin.

We are discussing designs between 35-W and Hennepin Ave. so that future work is compatible along the whole corridor. At this time, no timeline or funding for work on this western segment has been identified.

Minneapolis has programmed $400,000 for a bicycle facility along 26th and 28th Streets between Hiawatha Ave. and Interstate 35-W. Approximately $150,000 of this budget is for concept/design efforts and $250,000 is for construction. This project will focus on improvements between the street curbs.

Different parts of the street may receive different improvements. We won’t choose one design- we’ll choose the best design for each location or segment.

More Info:
Project Summary
Open House #1 Display Boards
Open House #1 Existing Conditions Maps
Open House #2 Display Boards
Open House #2 Input Maps
Open House #3 Display Boards
Open House #3 Presentation
Open House #3 Design Concepts
Open House #1 Comments
Open House #2 Comments
Open House #3 Comments
Summary of Public Input
THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.

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